The Burren Region

Aillwee Burren Experience

Our expert guides introduce our visitors to the geology and wonder of The dramatic Burren landscape through over and underground experiences.
The cave tour itself covers 1/3 of a mile or 1/2 km ensuring that learning is combined with exercise. Aillwee is one of the most ancient caves in the Burren and perhaps in Ireland. The earliest history of the cave is preserved in its roof.

In the roof of Mud Hall are numerous twisting tunnels cut into the rock. These channels (anastomoses) were formed in a bedding plane above a layer of mud in the limestone by a small underground stream.

Over the millennia one of these tiny channels became enlarged into an almost circular tube filled with fast-moving water, the remains of this half tube are to be seen throughout the full length of the cave indicated the route of the major fast flowing watercourse, gradually the underground stream cut itself in a deep trench in the rock perhaps 20-30m deep.

The ice and snow all vanished over the years, the stream ceased to flow and gradually the cave walls in the canyonlike trench began to decay. Great blocks fell from the walls and mud was washed in, infilling the creating a floor.

Stalactites and stalagmites started to form and the cave began to look as we see it today.

Paths and lighting have been installed throughout, making the visit suitable for all ages.


To finish off your visit to Aillwee, don’t forget to soak up the amazing views of Galway Bay from the terraced hillside or even get lost in the Hazel Woodland. A family day out, a great date idea, a day trip, a coffee stop or a great place for a walk to connect back with nature. Aillwee is the place for you.

Time spent with us, underground and overground, continues to delight, engage, inform and inspire all our visitors into the 21st century

For three generations our families, together with your families have been:

  • Learning through the 1970’s
  • Building through the 1980’s
  • Enhancing through the 1990’s
  • Sharing through the 2000’s

A family day out, a solo trip, a day trip, adventure seekers, a coffee stop or a place for a walk to connect back with nature. Aillwee captures the attention of all ages.

It is you, our visitors, who keep us all busy at Aillwee Burren Experience. We endeavour to be Burren Ambassadors, interpreting and sharing both the underground cave system and our overground experiences and attractions. Through you, we have been allowed to remain a popular, regenerative, ever-evolving site for nearly fifty years.


We thank you for spending time with us and hope that you will return here and to The Burren in the Future.

Fáilte go Aillwee!



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